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  • Emergency Services are designed to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault immediately following the initial crisis. Hotlines – 24 – hour, 7 day a week hotlines Domestic violence and sexual assault in Mercer County -(609) 394-9000
  • Womanspace is friendly and available to the deaf community.  Deaf and hard of hearing individuals can text us 24/7 at 609-619-1888
  • New Jersey Statewide Domestic Violence Hotline -(800) 572-SAFE (7233)
    • Domestic Violence Victim Response Teams
    • Sexual Assault Support Advocates
    • Shelter – confidential, secure, short-term emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence
  • Counseling and Support Services are provided by master level professionals offering both group and long term individual counseling for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Services are available regardless of ability to pay. Spanish speaking counselors are available for all services provided by this program.
  • Residential Housing Services foster independence and self-sufficiency for victims of domestic violence and women with developmental disabilities.
  • Education & Training plays an active role in the life of Mercer County, working to develop a coordinated community response to interpersonal violence that will provide safety and support to victims, as well as advocate for accountability and consequences for abusers. Education and Training staff members and volunteers are available to provide information, education, training and technical assistance to professionals, community groups and individuals that are affected by or concerned with violence and abuse.
  • Children’s Services an array of services will soon be offered to children who are affected by domestic violence. A safe, child-friendly place where through the use of art, music and skilled counselors children can begin to work through the trauma experienced in a house where fear had previously reigned. This upcoming year, the Womanspace Goodfriend Counseling Center will open its doors in a new location by the Fall of 2011.

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