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Chaplaincy Program

Womanspace CSS is the only domestic and sexual violence social service program in New Jersey to offer a Chaplaincy program. So often it is a victim’s faith that provides a ray of hope for the future. The Chaplain is available to provide spiritual counseling to clients upon request.

The Womanspace Chaplain plays a key role in the spiritual counseling of clients in all programs, residential and non-residential. Religious teachings often reflect the belief that marriage is sacred and fear of violating these teachings can keep a woman from making healthy changes in her life. Victims and survivors can use their faith to draw strength and courage to face the dangers of violence and to do what is necessary to become independent and safe. Victims of sexual assault may also need counseling and support to overcome the trauma of their experiences. Family members and members of their faith community can contribute to their sense of safety and ability to heal. The Chaplain also reaches out to faith-based organizations and the community at large to create pathways to understanding how to support the needs of domestic and sexual victims and to promote healthy relationships.

Mercer County Emergency Services Phone Numbers

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault 24 Hour Hotline (609)394-9000

New Jersey Statewide Domestic Violence 24 Hour Hotline

(800) 572-SAFE (7233)

Womanspace is friendly to the deaf community. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals please text us 24/7 at (609)619-1888

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